GlosNA Terms Of Reference
Adopted in general meeting on 25th February, 2014
1 To encourage service providers in Gloucestershire to provide the highest standards of care for people affected by neurological conditions, to ensure that their views and those of their carers and family members are heard by the strategic commissioning agencies, and to promote the establishment of mechanisms for their inclusion in the planning and delivery of services.
2 To deliver a united forum for the neurological charities in order to provide an authoritative voice for Gloucestershire charities, for individuals affected by neurological conditions, for their carers and for their family members.
3 To provide a forum in Gloucestershire for the exchange of information on neurological needs and models of best practice in neurological care.
4 To work together with the local and regional neurological charities to identify issues which, in partnership with the statutory agencies, we will raise, prioritise and progress.
5 To seek joint education and awareness-raising opportunities with health and social care staff.
6 To promote all the standards of care published by the Neurological Alliance (registered charity number 1039034).
7 To co-operate with the Neurological Alliance, its members and other regional Neurological Alliances.

Membership of the Neurological Alliance

GlosNA is an affiliated regional member of the Neurological Alliance (NA). The NA's annual membership fee will be paid by GlosNA

Participation in GlosNA

Participation in GlosNA is open to the regional staff and volunteers of all neurological organisations working to improve services in Gloucestershire.

Independent volunteers who are willing to give their time and apply their skills to help ensure the achievement of GlosNA's objectives are also welcomed.

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