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Getting the best from Neurological Services in Gloucestershire

This booklet, now in its second edition, is a rich source of local information about the services available to Gloucestershire residents from the NHS, the County Council and the neurological charities.

People who have been recently diagnosed with a neurological condition usually have many unanswered questions; this booklet is intended to address them.

Copies are available free of charge from GlosNA, or you can download a PDF or read it on-line. Click here for more details.

The flyers below are also available for download as PDFs:

These two PDFs are designed for 2-sided printing on A4 paper, to produce two identical A5 flyers from each sheet.  You should set up your printer for edge-to-edge printing (zero margin) at a scale factor of 100%.

Right-click the image to download the PDF.

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