GlosNA's Current Project List
These are some of the areas where service users need improvements
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The GlosNA booklet "Getting the best from Neurological Services In gloucestershire", is in its second (2012) edition and we have started work on the third edition.


Multidisciplinary and specialist care teams and key workers should ensure that people with neurological conditions receive the care and services that they need, ideally from a single point of access.

Respite and carers

People with neurological conditions and their carers need to be in a position to exercise their rights to help and funding for care and respite.


The Wheelchair Service needs to address a range of issues for people with neurological conditions, including for those who do not qualify for wheelchair funding.

Rare conditions

People with rare neurological conditions should be entitled to the same service levels as those with the commoner conditions, like MS and Parkinson's Disease. (If you are a volunteer or professional woking for any of the neurological charities not already represented in GlosNA, please get in touch with us.)

Management of services

The systems used for managing appointments and admissions (among other things) need to be improved in order to reduce waiting times and multiple follow-ups.


GPs and other staff need to be more aware of neurological conditions and issues for neurology patients.


Neurology patients need the services that will allow them to benefit from assistive exercises and fall prevention programmes.


Many of the people affected by neurological conditions need better transport provisions, especially in rural areas.

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