GlosNA - what we do and who we are
GlosNA's principal objective is to improve the availability and quality of the services provided to Gloucestershire people affected by neurological conditions.

The NHS sets priorities and allocates funds according to the decisions of the Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

Services for neurology, ranging in scope from wheelchair assessments to integrated care plans, are all decided by the CCG. Local and regional branches of the neurological charities are a source of useful information to help the CCG make these decisions in the best interests of service users, and the Gloucestershire CCG is happy to work with us.

Regular progress and review meetings between GlosNA and the Gloucestershire CCG help ensure that the issues which service users regard as important are given the proper level of attention by the NHS.

GlosNA provides a forum in which all the neurological charities which operate in Gloucestershire can pool information, determine and prioritise issues, and help the CCG allocate its resources in the manner which brings the greatest benefit to the greatest possible number of Gloucestershire people affected by neurological conditions.

GlosNA is still a young organisation but its partners include the local and regional sections of the largest condition-specific charities and some carer charities; these represent the vast majority of people affected by neurological conditions. However, many of the less common conditions remain unrepresented and we would welcome support and partnership with ALL neurological charities which operate in Gloucestershire.  Click here for more information about representation in GlosNA.

In addition to the charities our membership includes volunteers who can apply their skills and experience to help the organisation achieve its objectives.

We are affiliated to the Neurological Alliance, a national charity which provides assistance, information and suport to the regional neurological alliances (RNAs), of which GlosNA is one.

The Gloucestershire Neurological Alliance is registered with HMRC as charity number EW02210.

You can read GlosNA's Terms of Reference by clicking here.
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