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GlosNA has been forced to close
This web site will disappear early in 2018

  The Gloucestershire Neurological Alliance was a campaigning group with the purpose of informing and influencing policy makers to deliver the highest standards of service and care to Gloucestershire people affected by long-term neurological condiitions.

Over the last two years it has proved impossible to maintain the necessary levels of contact and support from Gloucestershire's NHS and Social Services.

Following the closure of GlosNA:

  • A group of professionals involved in the delivery of neurological services will meet on a quarterly basis under the aegis of the VCS Alliance.
  • A lived experience group, involving patients with neurological conditions and their carers and family members, will be convened and supported by Inclusion Gloucestershire.
  • Printed copies of GlosNA's booklet Getting the Best from Neurological Services in Gloucestershire will remain available as long as stocks last.  The stocks are now held by Inclusion Gloucestershire at their offices.

Further information will be posted here as it becomes available.

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